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Health centre clinic insurance

Health centre clinic insurance is a product designed to protect all aspects of your health centre. The comprehensive cover can be extended to suit you specific needs.

Health centres look after a wide variety of human conditions, requiring many staff to provide this service. Creating employment opportunities in the community is very rewarding, but can come with its own risks. Employee liability insurance is a cover included in our health centre insurance. It helps protect you in cases where health and safety issues have arisen or contractual disputes.

Your health centre insurance policy also includes buildings insurance. For health centres that own the building containing the centre, you’ll receive outstanding protection. For those who rent, you can also benefit from this cover by protecting any tenants improvements. The level of protection you require reflects your premium.

Most health centres will store many thousands of records on computer; they also form a vital role in the smooth running of your centre. As an optional extra, the computer breakdown inclusion that can be added to your health centre insurance, will help protect in the event of breakdown, failure and loss of records.

Get a full over view of the cover you can receive in your health centre insurance in the policy features section.


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